Study organization and purchase conditions

General organization

Trainings on behalf of BCS Koolitus are organized on the basis of adult education legislation and other related legislations. The trainings are based on the BCS Koolitus training calendar and schedule. The trainings have been conducted either as contact learning or as e-learning. The duration of training is calculated in academic hours, 1 academic hour is 45 minutes.
The length of the training varies. Detailed information on the training details is given in the description of each training.

BCS Koolitus training centers are located at Aia 7 and Uus 10, Tallinn. The description of each training session will include the exact details of which center the training will take place.
BCS Koolitus customer service telephone is 680 6880 and e-mail address

Learning environment

The study rooms of BCS Koolitus are located at Aia 7, Tallinn. The classes of partners are also used if this is specifically mentioned in the description of the specific training. Classes have all the technical and office tools needed for teaching, and each student is provided with a computer if needed.

A list of training materials is provided in the specific training description. Training materials are free of charge or included in the price of the training.
Registration for training. The prerequisites for participating in the training are given in the description of the specific training.

You can register to the training by filling in the registration form on the website, by e-mail or by calling 680 6880.
By registering, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Registration and that the Terms of Registration are considered to be a contract subject to the provisions of the Law of Obligations Act. Registration for the training will be confirmed by an acceptance email.

Payment for training

You can pay for the training by invoice, bank link, credit card or Microsoft Training Voucher. All prices of the trainings provided are in euros. Before paying for the training, we ask the customer to check that the information displayed corresponds to the customer’s actual wish.
If the invoice payment method is selected, the invoice will be sent to the client at the e-mail address indicated by the client in the registration form. Payment for the training is a prerequisite for participating in the training, unless otherwise agreed beforehand.
Participants are entitled to a tax refund in accordance with the Income Tax Act.

Completion of training

Participant will receive a BCS Koolitus Certificate or Certificate of Attendance. The certificate is issued to a trainee who has acquired the learning outcomes of that training. Certificate of Attendance is issued to participants who have not achieved learning outcomes. Certificates and Certificates of Attendance are issued electronically within 7 working days after training.
Abandonment of training
“If the participant is unable to attend the training, the training company must be notified at least 7 calendar days prior to the training. Please notify us by email or by phone 680 6880.
Upon timely notification, new training time will be agreed with the client or 100% of the training fee will be refunded.

If the client has registered for the training and still does not show up for the training and does not notify at least 7 calendar days in advance, the amount paid for the training will not be refunded.
No fee will be refunded if the participant does not finish the training.
Cancellation or postponement of training
BCS Koolitus has the right to cancel the training or postpone the training until the training group has been filled.
Registrants will be informed by e-mail sent 5 working days before the scheduled training date.
In case the training is cancelled, the training fee shall be reimbursed in full or the participant will be transferred to another training course if he so wishes.
If the training is postponed, the fee will not be refunded and by mutual agreement the participant will be registered in the next training group.

Quality Assurance Fundamentals

The BCS Koolitus syllabi are in compliance with the Continuing Education Standard. The curriculum is designed with the needs of the target groups in mind, and each training must be practical and help the target group achieve better and measurable results.

BCS Koolitus trainers must have advanced professional and pedagogical education, or be active in the field they teach and have proven experience in this field.

All open trainings take place in our training centre at Aia 7, Tallinn, unless otherwise noted. BCS Koolitus training classes must meet health protection requirements. The classroom is minimally equipped with modern presentation equipment (data projector, computer) and whiteboard.

All participants in the training have the opportunity, but not the obligation, to give feedback, both orally and in writing, as instructed by the trainer. The feedback is reviewed by the training provider and improvements are made where possible and feasible.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy addresses the collection, use, disclosure, transmission and storage of customer data.

Personal data is data that BCS Koolitus collects to fulfill the performance of the contract or contacting an individual.

The collection of the customer’s personal data may take place in the following ways:
contact information (including name, company, personal identification code, postal address, telephone number, email address) on our website or elsewhere (in our newsletter)
accessing the Website from the Customer’s account information or through cookies
storing personal contact information or purchase preference details when making a purchase or order in our online store.
We also collect non-personally identifiable information – data that cannot be directly associated with a specific person (gender, age, language preference, location).

We may also collect generalized customer activity data on our website. This data is aggregated and used to provide more useful information to our customers and to identify which parts of the website, products and services are most interesting.
The personal information we collect helps us inform our clients about our product news, campaigns and events. A customer who does not wish to be on our newsletter list or be notified of products that may be of interest to them may be removed from the target audience through the link provided in the newsletter.
BCS Koolitus uses personal information provided by the customer and information about purchases made in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act to the extent necessary to fulfill the customer’s order. In order to better serve the customer, BCS Koolitus may disclose information about individuals to a third party (“”trainer””) that provides services to BCS Koolitus and is contractually bound to keep the information shared confidential. The activities of BCS Koolitus on the Internet are in compliance with all relevant activities and the relevant legislation of the European Union and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Other conditions

The training company has the right to make changes to the training plan and timetable by informing all those who have registered for the training at least 5 working days before the training.
Training materials are copyrighted by the training company or the trainer. Reproduction and distribution of training materials without the written consent of BCS Koolitus is prohibited.

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