Working with advanced frontend frameworks EmberJS, ReactJS and JQuery

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The main goal of the course is to gain a strong skill in programming Web applications with jQuery, React.JS and Ember.JS and become able to create a web application.

After finishing this course student has the abilities to:

  • Use jQuery, React.JS, and Ember.JS.
  • Describe the new features of these frameworks and demonstrate how they work.
  • Create Web pages that can adapt to different devices and form factors.
  • Enhance the user experience by improving the responsiveness of a Web application
  • Create a full-featured website and responsive website

See the web portfolio of lecturer here: Amir Zare Pashaei

Our class Frontend Development and Web Design (UX/UI) with HTML5 and CSS3 is a good starting point to cover the prerequisites needed for this class but its not required to attend.

Investeering: 499,00 € + km
Lektor: Amir Zare Pashaei
Tundide arv: 24 akadeemilist tundi

Sihtgrupp:Prerequisites - we welcome people who have basic web programming skills and full skill in HTML5/CSS3.



  • What is jQuery
  • Installing and running basic applications
  • Understanding how jQuery works
  • Events and event handlers
  • Animations, Ajax, Selctors
  • Insert, alter, data
  • binding, helpers, event objects
  • Styling
  • Data Types
  • working with CSS


  • Introduction to React.JS
  • What is React.JS
  • Building with web packs
  • Loading JSON
  • Working with CSS
  • Adding and creating components
  • Creating validations
  • Working with states
  • Working with routes
  • Nesting routes
  • Fubction binding
  • Understanding mounting and updating


  • What is Ember.JS
  • How does Ember.JS work
  • Using Ember.JS
  • Understanding the core features of Ember.JS
  • Installing Ember.JS
  • Loading, creating and buildig solutions
  • webcom
  • nesting
  • build routing
  • Object array
  • Working with JSON
  • Working with data
  • HTML bars

Learning methods: Practical exercise, independent work.

Assesment methods: Execution of independent work.

Assesment form: Independent practical tasks on relevant topics.

Price includes coffee breaks and lunches in  restoran "Lusikas".

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