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The main goal of this course is to gain a strong skill in creating and managing website backend using PHP.

After finishing this course student has the ability to:

  • Create a website with powerful platform
  • Create a feature-rich website
  • Create and connect the database with the website
  • Customize the website with modifying the datas
  • Extend the website capablities with Php

See the web portfolio of lecturer here: Amir Zare Pashaei

Investeering: 399,00 € + km
Lektor: Amir Zare Pashaei
Päevade arv: 2
Tundide arv: 18 akadeemilist tundi

Sihtgrupp:We welcome people who have programming experience and are interested in developing web applications using Php.


• What is PHP?
• What is PHP used for?
• PHP commenting
• Setting up a web server
• Echo - print, variables, IF statement
• Arithmatic and comparison operators
• Triple equals
• Logical operators
• Switch statements
• Arrays and multidimensional arrays
• All types of loops
• Functions
• Fucntions with undefined parameters
• Formatting numbers
• Get / post
• Embedding PHP with HTML
• Cookies, checkboxes, radio buttons

• Available drivers
• Setting up database
• Connecting, Error levels, queries
• Looping, fetching results
• Escaping, statements, inserting
• Pulling single/multiple records
• Closing db-connection
• Templating
• PDO and SMTP Email
• Creating accounts
• Email Activation
• Find replace

• Ajax
• Multiple file uploading
• Reading xml, RSS
• Rating system
• URL shortner
• Regular expressions
• Search engine optimzation
• Working with images and watermarks
• Classes, methods, encapsulation
• Class inheritance
• Directory structure
• Dynamic pages
• String functions
• PHP proxy
• Date and time
• Swear word filter
• News feature and PhpBB
• Self Submitting
• MD5 encryption
• Form validation

Learning methods: Practical exercise, independent work.

Assesment methods: Execution of independent work.

Assesment form: Independent practical tasks on relevant topics.

Price includes coffee breaks and lunhces in  restoran "Lusikas".

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