MOC#10979 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

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This course provides the underlying knowledge required by all individuals who will be evaluating Microsoft Azure, regardless of whether they are an administrator, developer, or database administrator. This course also provides the pre-requisite knowledge for students wishing to attend course 20532C Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, or course 20533C Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe cloud computing, Azure, and Azure subscriptions.
  • Describe and create Azure Web Apps.
  • Create and configure VMs in Microsoft Azure.
  • Create an Azure virtual network.
  • Describe Azure storage.
  • Describe and deploy databases in Azure.
  • Describe Azure AD.

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Lektor: Neeme Kaalep, MCT
Päevade arv: 2
Tundide arv: 18 akadeemilist tundi

  • Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Azure
  • Module 2: Microsoft Azure management tools
  • Module 3: Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
  • Module 4: Web Apps and cloud services
  • Module 5: Creating and configuring virtual networks
  • Module 6: Cloud storage
  • Module 7: Microsoft Azure databases
  • Module 8: Creating and managing Azure AD

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