Exam registration

Two optins to register for PEarson VUE exams

a) Using the homepage http://www.pearsonvue.com and choosing the exam, testing center (BCS Koolitus) and time yourself.

b) Via mail or phone. The needed information is listed below.

Exams can be taken from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 hours.
To register through us to an exam at least * marked information has to be sent to e-mail eksam@bcs.ee or to register by the phone +372 680 6880 on Office hours:

First name:*
Exam title and/or number:*
Appointment date and time:*
E-mail address:
Organization/person to be billed:
Street address:

Questions and queries can be forwarded to eksam@bcs.ee or +372 680 6880

Testing prices

Prices of the exams vary according to each test sponsor and can be found on their websites (for example on Microsoft home page).
ECDL test costs 16 EUR + VAT (20%). ECDL Start bundle with 4 exams costs 52 EUR + VAT(20%). ECDL Core bundle with full 7 tests costs 88 EUR + VAT (20%).