Awarding of IT professions

BCS Koolitus is the awarding body of the professional qualifications in the field of IT in Estonia.

The responsibilities of the awaring body include:

  • developing and approving the procedure for the assessment and award of professional qualifications
  • establishing and approving the calculation of costs related to the issue of professional certificates
  • organizing professional exams
  • issueing professional certificates

Today the two professional qualifications that BCS Koolitus is responsible for are:

  • IT junior specialist
  • IT specialist

To be eligible for the mentioned professions 1 or 3 EUCIP international exams relatively need to be taken and passed. The EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals) certification programme is a professional certification and competency development scheme, aimed at informatics professionals and practitioners.  

Exams are organized by BCS Koolitus regularly. To register for the exam please contact us either via email on or via phone +3272 699 8155.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if You have any questions regarding the IT profession awarding in Estonia.