About project

The great goal of the project “Creative Classroom” is to assist Estonian schools in their digital turn. In order to do so there took place 4 workshops to develop teachers skills on applying innovative teaching methodologies.  The results and outputs will be shared to all schools in Estonia and also in Europe.

20 school teachers all over Estonia are participating in the activities of the Creative Classroom project. The consortium decided to exclude IT teachers, therefore there are English, biology, maths, hisotry and many other subject teachers in the group.

The first workshop took place on the 9th-10th of April 2015 where the group started with developing a flipped classroom scenario for their lesson.

The second workshop took place on the 24th-25th August 2015. The topics this workshop were game- and project-based learning and developing relevant lesson scenarios.

The third workshop took place on the 14th-15th January 2016. The topic this workshop were problem- and inquiry-based learning and developing relevant lesson scenarios.

The fourth, last workshop took place on the 21th-22th March 2016. The topics this workshop were learning analytics and methods of assessment.

The project consortium incluldes educational experts from Tallinn University, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), University of Rijeka (Croatia) and from BCS Koolitus. More information about project partners can be found on the pages Project partners and Project staff.

Current partnership has worked to design and deliver an electronic collection for school teachers Europe wide to enable the use of innovative teaching methodologies and lesson scenarios. This electronic collection is available in English and in Estonian. The project outputs are presented on the pages Project results  and Teachers webpages.

Teachers participating in the project shared their skills and knowledge gained in the Creative Classroom workshops at the international conference of Information Technology Foundation for Education titled „Fiber-optic Road of Education“, where on the 15th April 2016 they introduced the developed lesson scenarios in a special workshop called „Innovative Creative Classroom Learning Scenarios with digital tools“ (“Innovaatilised Creative Classroom õpistsenaariumid digivahenditega”).

Project trainers Nataša Hoić-Božić ja Ivona Franković (University of Rijeka, Croatia) introduced the project Creative Classroom on the 31th May – 3th June 2016 in Opatija (Croatia) occurred conference “Computers in Education” of the 39th International Convention MIPRO 2016 with a paper and presentation “Introducing Inquiry-Based Learning to Estonian Teachers: Experiences from the Creative Classroom Project”. The paper can be found there and the presentation there.

In addition to that project trainer Nataša Hoić-Božić (University of Rijeka, Croatia) introduced the project Creative Classroom on the 23th August 2016 in Jahorina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) occurred 16th Workshop “Software Engineering: Computer Science Education and Research Cooperation” with a presentation “Creative Classroom Project: Introducing Innovative E-learning Methodologies to Estonian Teachers”.

There are also dissemination events in schools around the country where teachers present the lesson scenarios developed and share their knowledge gained through Creative Classroom workshops to colleagues and other teachers.

The project period: 01.09.2014-31.08.2016.

The project “Creative Classroom” is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme.