Project partners

The consortium has been established on the basis of the capacity and the expertise to carry out the planned activities by ensuring high quality of the outputs and the effective reach of the addressed target groups. All the partners are experienced in learning design, development and delivery, also very high competence establishing common ground in between the key players of the problem to provide possible solutions.

BCS Koolitus has the knowledge in the competencies expected in business sector and universities have a good experience and competence how to engage students in learning process, how to make learning personalized and authentic to enable students become confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens of the 21st century.




Tallinn University (TLU) have been engaged as a partner due to the long-term experience in top quality teacher training. TLU is the only organisation in Estonia who offers educational technology program in master level. TLU has the skills and competence to build up and carry professional up-skilling training at the same time keeping in mind the national curricula.

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University of Rijeka (UNIRI) Department of Informatics is the Chair of Multimedia Systems and E-Learning has the main research focus on new technologies and methods for enhancing learning. The department is focussing on developing and evaluating innovative pedagogy and assessment approaches using ICT.

University of Ljubljana (UL) is definitely one of the most known ICT integrators to Education in Europe. They have participated in relevant research in the previous years, designed and implemented learning tools and environments for supporting independent and blended learning. The UL collaborates with the research groups from the universities all over Europe which has raised their knowledge even more on the topic and gives the project a very good dissemination channel.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (MA) has the expertise on web and mobile technologies, including rich internet applications, web collaboration, web services and semantic web technologies. The group has successfully developed innovative learning applications for collaborative learning, such as inquiry-based learning, knowledge building, and project-based leaning.