A survey about digital infrastructure and competences and ICT teaching practices in Estonian schools

Creative Classroomis an ErasmusPlus funded project that started in September 2014 and will last for 24 months.

One of the first activities in the project plan was to conduct a survey of Estonian schools in order to find out the current status of their digital infrastructure, ICT teaching practices, digital competences and training needs of teachers. The survey questionnaire was composed by BCS Koolitus (Anni Sild) and Tallinn University (Mart Laanpere), it was sent to all primary, basic and high schools.

The questions were inspired by the recent National Lifelong Learning strategy 2014 – 2020, inquiring about the readiness of schools to implement the digital turn towards 1:1 computing and the new learning paradigm, as it is envisaged by the Strategy. The results of the survey will inform the experts who are going to design the tailor-made training program for 20 pilot schools in coming months and implement it from April 2015.

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